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OMG! PCSX2 build 6e34f18 RPM for Fedora 23

Consider this a work in progress and treat it like it's irradiated. I spent the last few hours hacking away at a 4 year old RPM SPEC file in the hopes of maybe compiling a new RPM of PCSX2. For those new to emulation PCSX2 is one of the only working Sony PlayStation 2 emulators. There were quite a few hoops I had to jump through to get this to compile and package, but here it is. I hope it works for you.

The build is from January 2nd 2016 (01/02/2016) and is version number 6e34f18. It was compiled and packaged in an i686 32bit virtual machine as I couldn't get it to compile on x64. I'm not sure if it will pull in all the needed libraries along with the package it's self. I hope it does, but can't say for sure. You'll need the RPMFusion repo configured to pull in a couple of packages, that is if it pulls in dependencies. If you install it and doesn't work you can just as easily uninstall it using dnf. It shouldn't hose your system, but if it does... well…

DeSmuME Nintendo DS emulator for Fedora 23 0.9.12 svn5324

I present for your approval DeSmuME, the Nintendo DS emulator for Fedora 23 x64 build 0.9.12 svn5324.

Install, Live, Love!

You can download from my Google Drive. Click Here.

Dolphin Emu 4.0 git 8506 for Fedora 23 RPM package

I present to you on this day, the first of January in the year 2016, a fresh build of the excellent Dolphin GameCube / Wii emulator. This build is for Fedora 23 x64 systems. Install, Test, Rejoice!

You can download form my Google Drive. Click Here.

You will need the RPMFusion repository configured to install the Dolphin Emulator.