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Jeremy's Definitive Guide to Star Wars The Old Republic on Mac OS X

After a long absence a buddy and I returned to the excellent Bioware MMORPG Star Wars The Old Republic. At the time I was chugging along with the preview of Windows 10 on my system. Times were great and all was well in Star Wars land. That was until a weaponized space station, The Deathstar, dropped a mega shit bomb onto my operating system rendering it non bootable. You may say beta quality operating systems aren't for production systems. This time I hang my head and agree.

Long story shorter, I was in game when my OS froze. Upon restart Windows 10 wouldn't boot up. I know I could have researched the error and possibly fixed it. But come on! I was in the heat of battle when the crash occurred, with adrenaline pumping I hastily popped in an OS X installer USB drive. Roughly 20 minutes later all traces of Windows 10 had been obliterated and my System was booting into OS X. Great I thought, my computers working again.ts

Sadly while most everything else was working well I couldn…