OpenJK - Jedi Academy Binaries - Fedora 20

Yesterday I compiled a nice set of binaries for the OpenJK project. If you haven't heard OpenJK is a source port of a modified Quake3 engine used to run Star Wars - Jedi Academy. The binaries were compiled on Fedora 20 64bit but is a 32bit application. You'll need a whole slew of i686 dependencies to run it on a 64bit system. Unfortunately I don't remember what all libraries I installed to compile it. Your best bet is to run it in the terminal for the first time to track down what libraries you are missing (if any).

To run the game you'll need the .pk3 files from the commercial game itself. You can still purchase Jedi Academy on Steam. There should be 4 of them (assets0.pk3 - assets3.pk3). Place them in the 'base' directory and you should be ready to run the openjk_sp.i386 application. If you are using the original CD-ROM release of SW: JA you'll need to update it to v1.21.

OpenJK Binaries Download-

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