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Quick word for sub Tier 1 freshness (DC Universe Online)

Just a little heads up for the fresh level 30's in the house. If you are free to play and can afford the $9.99 you really should purchase the Battle for Earth DLC. This DLC gives you access to the South Gotham Union daily quests which yield about 20 Triumph marks a day. Purchasing a DLC also upgrades your account from Free to Premium which has it's own benifets.

Tier 1 iconic sets cost between 26 to 39 marks each, so in theory you can get a piece of Tier 1 gear every two days without doing anything else besides the South Gotham Union quests. If this isn't fast enough for you then throw in the weekly solo challenges, there are 5 of them, and you'll be able to get an extra piece of Tier 1 per week. If you are completely lazy like me you can have full T1 in a maximum of14 days if you do all your solo chalenges once per week. This may seem like a long time but keep in mind any duos or alerts you complete will also yield Triumph marks. The more triumphs you compile the fast…