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Ubuntu Linux - Nvidia Vs AMD Graphics Cards

I recently re-acquired a Geforce 470 from a friend. After reading many times how well nVidia supports x86_64 Linux I figured I'd replace the AMD Radeon 6870 in my main system. Their performance is roughly on par with each other so I'm not really gaining or losing anything, theoretically. The drivers I used nVidia's 295.59 and for AMD I used Catalyst 12.6 beta. Below is what I found out from my testing.

These tests and results are very not scientific. YMMV.

Driver Installation -
Both drivers required there be compilers and many dependencies installed to to compile their kernel module. I elected to install the newer driver packages from their official websites instead of using the older (but probably well tested) Ubuntu supplied drivers. Nvidia's driver was a pain in the ass as I had to drop to the console and kill the X server before using their text based installation. The AMD driver installed from the desktop just fine using a nice GUI, as long as the dependencies wer…