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DCUO - Quick and dirty info about Exobit hunting

Using the below tips I am able to gather about 2.5 stacks of each type of exobit in a 1/2 hour of time. I used the R&D scanners purchased from the DCUO Marketplace, they cost 100 Sony points or roughly $1.00 USD. Paying real money for this type of item may seem a little crazy but I only purchase Sony points when they are on sale 3 for 1. This brings the price of R&D scanners down to about $0.33. But still, money is money. If spending real money on a game is not for you then you can always hunt Exobits the old fashioned way.

What they are
Exobits are a type of profession material used in DC Universe Online (DCUO) to create gear modifications. Modifications are used to raise the combat rating and add extra stats to your gear.  What you need
2 pack of R&D scanners, Purchased from the DCUO marketplace for 100 points (about $1.00)1/2 hour of time (2x 15 minute intervals) Where to go
They randomly spawn all over Gotham, Metropolis and Central City.  Gotham seems to be the best pla…