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"Porting" DC Universe Online (DCUO) to Mac OS X

Tonight I started working on a "port" of DC Universe Online to Mac OS X via Wineskin. So far things have been encouraging but it's not yet playable. Below are the steps and packages I've went thru to install DCUO on my system. This is a bunch of information so it might now be laid out the best but i'll try to make it useful enough for anyone else wanting to help get this working.

Operating System -
Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3

System specs -
i7 CPU @ 4.6GHz
AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB video card
Audigy 2 PCI sound card

Winskin version used -
Wineskin-2.5.4, engine version WS8Wine1.3.32, WS8Wine1.4-rc5

Windows packages installed -
IE 7 from winetricks (dlls)
VCrun2008 from winetricks (dlls)
ddr=gdi from winetricks (settings)
DCUO_setup.exe, let DCUO Installer install Direct X and Flash

After installing the above the Launcher starts and downloads the 18 gigabytes of game files. Everything on the launcher looks exactly the same as under Windows. One note though, the configu…